Burlap Stockings

If you read about my Thanksgiving Post then you know about the coffee bean sacks we used for table runners.  I love these and was trying to think of other uses for them, hence this post.  I decided to make stockings for our mantle out of them.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  They definitely got better as I kept making them.  It was really just trial and error since I didn't work from a pattern or anything.  Just an old stocking I think I picked up at Target maybe 10 years ago.

I started by tracing the old stockings onto the burlap and cutting them out

 Then I loosely traced the stocking onto brown felt to line the stockings.  Make sure they are a little larger than the burlap cut outs--trust me...just do it! 

You'll need to sew these inside out and backwards of course!
Just turn them back to right side out and you'll be set!

 Yes--that is a huge fish over my fireplace...I'll share his story another day. 

This project cost me nothing since I already had these materials on hand.  Can't beat free decor!  I'll also post more on the JOY letters later.  It's a simple and quick DIY I found on pinterest (Yes, I am obsessed with Pinterest!  Who isn't?) and it cost under $7.00!