Quick & Easy Pillow Tutorial

Later on this week I'll show you our Foyer reveal, but for now, here is a quick tutorial on how to make really quick pillow covers.

I had this fabric left over from my recovering my dining room chairs (which I still have yet to show you!) and I've had the pillow inserts since we purchased our first house almost 10 years ago.  Steve kept asking me when I was going to throw them out and I kept saying I know I'll have a use for them and guess what?  I do!  So I spent no money on this since I already had the materials left over.  I love when that happens.

This is the reverse side of the fabric

I am no seamstress so I just went into this like I do most things--winging it!  I used an old pillow cover as a template (notice the awesome hole?  I guess that's why S wanted to know why I was saving these, but inside that torn cover is a down pillow insert!) and just cut out my fabric allowing about 1/2 an inch or so around the edges so I could sew them.

 I then sewed it up on 2.5 sides--I used one long piece and folded it in half so I only had to sew 3 sides. 

 Because I'm not cool like that, and I don't know how to put a zipper in, I first pinned the small opening that I left open to squeeze the pillow in and then hand sewed it together.  This fabric itself is laminated so its super easy to wash off with a rag so I don't anticipate needing to take the insert out.  It's especially awesome in places like dining room chairs (stay tuned for that reveal soon..I promise) and in places like the foyer where no doubt dirty/muddy shoes will end up. 

Here they are all finished. 
I think they will make a great addition to our foyer.  In this little room spruce up I took our old entertainment center and made a bench.  I made these nifty pillows and we spray painted an old mirror and a cool coat rack.  Stay tuned!

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