Evolution of a Desk

I found this desk a while back for only $25.00!  It's solid mahogany and I love it.  I originally painted it in Provence by Annie Sloan.  You can see that post HERE.  Since then we have been working on our living room and Provence just does not match anymore so I opted to repaint this beauty with another Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color-Arles.  It's a nice mellow yellow and it goes great with our gray/yellow/white/black living room.

 I picked up this chair a while back for only $2.50.  You can read that blog post HERE.  I just recovered them in fabric to match and I am so happy with them. 

I used the same fabric to recover the lamp.  Yes, recover the lamp!  We purchased this lamp at IKEA like 5 or 6 yrs ago.  Here is what it looked like before...

It had a burned spot and it was just getting icky, so I just removed the fabric and used spray adhesive to attach the new fabric.  Super easy!

So here is the before and after--all it cost was a jar of paint!

What have you recycled in your house to work with your newest decor?

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Children's Desk

I found this piece at my favorite thrift store for $19.00.  I scooped it up thinking it would make a great child or teen's desk.  When I found the desk it was covered in carvings from some kid--I don't know if this was used in a school or a home...most likely a school with the sheer amount of carving to the desk.

 I used A LOT of wood filler on this desk and did A LOT of sanding!

I had a small amount of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Duck Egg left over from another project and thought this would be a good neutral color for a boy or a girl since its a really light blue.  Two coats and this is what I had...

 I purchased these hand painted drawer pulls and replaced the old wooden knobs.

Not bad for $19.00.  I'm selling this piece so hopefully some child/teenager gets a lot of use out of this!

I know this isn't a good "BEFORE" pic, but you get the idea!'


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CeCe Caldwell Painted Dressers

A client contacted me to refinish 2 dressers she received for FREE from a friend.  These dressers will find a home at her new beach house once its completed this summer. I am disappointed to say that I can't find a before of the first dresser.  This is definitely my favorite.  This dresser had a Cherry Stain with Large wooden knobs.  I sanded the entire piece and painted with CeCe Caldwell's Young Kansas Wheat Paint.  I love CeCe Caldwell's because it is a GREEN paint!  Their website says, there are "no Volatile Organic Compounds, are non-toxic and have no odor. The paint contains NO acrylic co-polymers, solvents, formaldehyde, ammonia, ethylene glycol or toxic heavy metals.  The minerals are clay, porcelain clay and chalk blended into a water based solution.  The paint is packaged in recycled plastic containers".  I think this paint is a win for everyone!

I switched the hardware out for acrylic knob and I really think this made the transformation.  I gave it a light distressing and am happy with how it turned out.  I'm just upset I wasn't able to get a higher quality photo before my client picked it up. 

This next dresser was a really tricky piece.  Probably one of the toughest piece I've done in the couple years I've been working on furniture.  Here are the before pics--the dresser was covered in black paint with a high gloss finish.

The handles don't come off and made it difficult to give it a true transformation.  I worked with CeCe Caldwell's Cottonwood Sienna for this piece.  Compared to the other CeCe's paint I have worked with, this was by far the most thin and hard to work with.  I coated this dresser with anywhere from 4-6 coats depending on the location--and this is with completely sanding it!  I think it was a combo of the thin paint and the harsh finish that was on the wood before I received it.  Before putting the water based polyurethane the dresser had a very matte/chalkie/dull look to it.  The poly really helped in adding texture to the finished piece and giving it a wood grain look---harder to see in the pics than in person-especially since these were taken quickly with the iphone and not my usual camera.

***Also, the top right hand corner of the bottom drawer is still wet in this pic, so please forgive the slight difference, but I wanted to grab a pic quickly!**

I love redoing furniture for other people.  I hope my client is happy with how they turned out and that they love their new home at the beach!


Customizing an IKEA bookshelf

We purchased this IKEA bookshelf years ago when we moved to Los Angeles.

 above image courtesy of IKEA

When we moved to Nashville we brought it with us, but it did not travel well!  The back of the shelf has a cardboard/particle board thingie (very technical term!) that holds the entire shelf upright and after the move it split. We tried to repair it with tape (why??  I don't know?), but it just wasn't working.  We didn't want E to grab onto it and the whole thing come toppling down on her.  Instead of throwing her out I decided to try and fix the old girl.

I painted the shelf with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Paris Gray.  I wasn't sure if it would work since I have never really painted anything with Chalk Paint that wasn't real wood.  Needless to say ASCP worked wonders!  Here is a picture with the frame painted.  Sorry for the blurriness.. I snagged this with my phone which usually takes better pictures than this, but I guess the only one to blame is the photographer...

I wanted to do something with the back of the shelf so I had some thin paneling type board (again..so technical around here) cut from Home Depot.  I wasn't going to tell you all this, but I will go ahead and be honest.  I had to buy it and have it cut twice, since apparently I can't use a measuring tape. It cost about $9.00 (times 2 = $18) for the back board.  I then covered the panel with fabric I got at Joann's with a 50% off coupon.  Total for the fabric came to about $10.00.  I used about 2.5 yds.  I used spray adhesive to hold the fabric onto the paneling and then nailed the back in place. 

Now that I'm looking at the shelf I am really loving the fabric on the back and the splashes of red.  I'll be posting all about or home office re-do shortly, so stay tuned for that.


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Gray Desk ReDo

Me and the hubs found this desk at a thrift store recently and as soon as we saw it we knew it would be perfect in our office.  I frequent the thrift store A LOT and this was by far the cleanest, most organized store I have ever been to.  The staff came up to help us as soon as we walked in and kept checking back with us.  They were fabulous.  We picked this up for $40.00.  Solid wood and in perfect condition except that it was ugly, but I could fix that so I wasn't worried.

Here she is before...

 Disregard the leaves on my basement floor....

 Here is a close up of the handles and the newspaper under is the liner of the drawers.  Cute, right? 

 I soaked these handles before I sprayed them with Rustoleum Lagoon Spray Paint

And here is the after...

I painted this desk with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Paris Gray.  I sprayed the hardward with Rustoleum Spray Paint in Lagoon.  I usually always wax my chalk paint pieces, but I decided to try and polyurethane this piece and I actually love how it sealed it.

Not bad for $40.00 since I already had all of the paint on hand for other projects!

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Trying out CeCe Caldwell's Paints

I love painting furniture.  I love design.  I love being creative.  I can't remember a time when I didn't.  When I was young, I was always trying to make my room look different by changing it around.  I  get that from my mother--every single time I go to her house the furniture in at least one room is different.  I remember lobbying for my own room in the attic when I was a teenager.  I sketched a whole layout including where the outlets should be, the color of the rug, what I'd put on the walls and where I'd put my furniture.  I begged for dark green rugs, white bedding and ivy stenciled on the walls.  After a while of submitting proposal after proposal to my parents, my bid was accepted.  My dad dry walled the walls, had carpet installed and my mom stenciled the ivy along the walls.  I had my own retreat and I loved it!

Thankfully I've come a long way in my design aesthetic!  I strive personally and professionally when I am in an environment that fits me and makes me comfortable.  Since leaving Los Angeles and moving to Nashville I have been incredibly happy.  I love decorating our cabin in the woods (technically we live in the city, but to me a creek on one side, river on the other and 2 neighbors I can see constitutes living in the woods!).  The hubs and I have been working on our master bedroom for a little while trying to decide what to do with it.  Our house was built in the 30's and is part of the Arts and Crafts Movement.  It really is cozy and wonderful, but there is wood everywhere.  The floors, the walls, the doors, the windows...good, solid wood...not cheesy paneling.  Its gorgeous, but we really have to bring in some light colors to brighten the space.

I found this dresser at goodwill for $49.00.  It's more than I usually spend on furniture at the thrift store, but I went for it.  In comparison to what you'd find in the stores, its a steal.  And its wood--solid--not some wobbly, falling apart piece of particle board.  Sturdy and HEAVY! Trust me on that one.  We had to carry it from our basement out and around our house in through the front door because the stairwell in my basement was to tight to fit this.  Here she is before...

And here she is after...

For this project I used CeCe Caldwell's paint in Vintage White.  I recently heard of this paint from Mr. Smith @ TheSmithGarage.  He does a lot of great stuff--check him and his lovely wifey @ The Smith Hotel..
I love trying new paints and I liked this one. It was a little watery at first, but once had it open for a while it got a little thicker.  Cece Caldwell's has no VOC's, no odor and is non-toxic.  It is naturally GREEN and seriously has no smell.  Have any of you used it?  For the handles I sprayed them with Rutsoleum Spray Paint in Copper.  I really wanted to replace them but they are 6 inch handles and I couldn't find any I liked, but its still a possibility. 
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Client Pieces

We were so excited to receive our newest commissioned furniture refinish project.  Here are a pic of the two dressers before.  Once I saw them I got a little nostalgic.  Doesn't every child who grew up in the late 70's/early 80's have memories of this type of dresser?  I had a hand-me-down set from my cousin and when we got them I though it was the coolest thing ever!  My parents still have the tall dresser, which is similar to this one, in their attic.  Once my mom saw these two pieces refinished she decided to pull that old dresser down from the attic and try a little magic of her own.  I'll post pics when she is finished.
Here is the before of the tall dresser...

 Our friend and client, Kara, picked her two colors from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint line.  For the chest of drawers she picked the lovely Duck Egg Blue.  This was the first time I used the Duck Egg and I loved it.  I really wish these pictures did these pieces justice, but the basement isn't the ideal place for a staged photo shoot!  K said she would send pics once they are all set in their new home. 

 Here is a close up of the detail.  We did a gentle distress and added new hardware. 

 The picture below doesn't quite capture the color right--it looks a little light, but the above one is right on!  Such a serene color and perfect for the Master Bedroom at a Beach House!

 The hardware adds just a little bit of softness. 

Below is the long and low dresser before...

 We used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Versailles for this one.  This is such a great color for a children's room...and an even better color for a children's room at a beach house.  I think K picked the absolute best colors for these two pieces.  The color in the below pic is more true than the one of the actual dresser, but again, lighting in a workshop basement...not ideal!

 And here is the finished dresser.  We used a more modern, clean pull and I think they turned out great! 

I'll be sure to post pictures of these two beauties once they land at their beach retreat this summer!


Hutch in my FAVORITE color!

Once you've been around here for a while you will see a pattern.  I love the color blue....all shades--I don't discriminate!  Light aqua all the way to dark teal...you will see many pieces in this color.  I'm warning you now. 

I found this piece at one of my favorite places--Goodwill!  It was a "Blue Tag Special"-50% off!  I ended up paying $19.00 for this solid wood hutch.  It had 3 different types of handles--Three of them were eagles--yes, like the bird.  Who does that??? 

A steal at $19.00!
Love the detail

I gave her a light sand and then primed her.  She received two coats of Rustoleum Spray Paint in Aqua.  The same color as my sisters side tables and dressers .  I love the coverage that spray paint gives.  If you haven't tried spray paint dont be afraid!  Just keep spraying in a continuous motion side to side.  Start and end OFF of the piece. 

Sometimes I just paint the old hardware to give it a new life, but these needed to be changed.  I opted for these crystal knobs from Home Depot.

 The square white plates are from Crate & Barrel and the awesome funky plates were a wedding gift from a great friend.  They are Villeroy & Boch and I adore them!!  I love the color, shape and everything about them.  I picked up the blue plate at a student pottery sale at Penn. 

 Those beautiful hydrangea's are my valentines flowers.  Simple and beautiful!  Love it!

 My lovely neighbor gave us this beautiful handmade bowl as a wedding gift.  I absolutely love it and its one of our favorite gifts. 

My hubs picked up this deer skull at an antique store.  I like the look, but I still won't pick it up...I make him move it and clean it.

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Furniture for my sister!

My sister and her hubby bought a house this past summer.  They spent the entire summer renovating and making it amazing!! They did a fabulous job and everything looks so great.  I'll be posting bits and pieces of the actual renovation later, but for now, here are just a couple of pieces I did just for them.

You all know that when you buy a house, especially a huge house like my sis and bro did everyone wants to donate all of their old stuff to you, and you gladly accept, right?  Here is a pic of the side table in their master bedroom before....

Here is the after!  I love this color!  It's Rustoleum Spray Paint in Aqua.  I also did a hutch of my own in this color and I will post about it soon.

This is a pic of the long dresser that matches---I can't find the before picutre, but you can imagine, right?

What do you think?? Not bad for free, right??


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Start of the Home Office ReDo

We've been working on our home office re-do.  We are far from done.  We still need curtains, light fixtures, some storage and seating!  I have been able to finish a desk, side table and lamp.

Here is the before picture of a small side table I picked up at the Nashville flea market this summer.  It was $15.00 and in great shape.  I painted her (I love how I always call my furniture "her"?!?) in Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Provence.  You can see the other desk I did in Provence here.  I spray painted the hardware in rustoleum metallic silver.  I always love replacing the hardware, but because of the odd shape of these I knew I would find nothing that would fit, so spray paint it was!

$15.00 at the Nashville Flea Market!

Here is the after...

Since I already had the Annie Sloan's chalk paint (Provence) and the Rustoleum Spray Paint on hand this entire project only cost me $15.00. 

xo, dani