An introduction is in order...

I know you all (all 10 of you! ha) have been anxiously waiting with bated breath to see where the heck I've been for the last few months.  Wait no longer, my friends...I'm back.  I do have good reason for my little sabbatical...and here he is...introducing Mr. PD.

He was born just a few weeks ago and he is super awesome.  With 2 little peanuts I've been a little busy, but it has definitely given me time to think about this blog and where I want to go with it, and boy do I have plans.  Here are just a few goals for my 2013.

1.  Blog revamp-I'm in the midst of working on a blog re-design.  I know exactly what I want the Retail DIYet to look like in my head, but I am not web design savvy, so I am calling in a few favors and crossing my fingers that it will look exactly how I imagine.  For me this site needs to be like my office/sanctuary.  I always feel the most productive when I am in a room that is neat, organized and looks pretty.  Well, thats the same way I feel about my blog design.  I feel like I will be more inclined to put more into this if it looks the way I want it to..which leads me into #2..

2.  Put it all out there-I love design.  I love refinishing furniture, cooking, organizing, traveling, crafting..and the list goes on and on.  I want this blog to be a scrap book of sorts where I can write about whatever I feel like.  It IS my blog and I'll write what I want to (said to the tune of "Its my party and I'll cry if I want to!").  I want to stay true to the DIYet of course by doing things myself, but I think it will be more fun for me (and for you) if I don't constrict myself to just furniture.

3.  Expand my readership-plain and simple.  I don't need to be the biggest blogger in the world, but a few more people reading my stuff wouldn't be so bad, right?

4.  Sell my furniture at a few local shops and take on more custom client work-This is already in the works and I'm super happy about this.  I really want to get out there and sell my pieces as well as take on more clients that want their pieces refinished.  Seems easy enough, right?

5.  Get published-I went to the amazing Haven conference this year and one of my favorite sessions was on press.  I don't want press for me personally.  I want to submit some ideas to magazines for articles.  I think this is a realistic goal and my wheels are already turning at the possibilities.

I think these are realistic goals and I'm excited to get started!