A quilt for a Friend

My parents are amazing quilters.  Yes, my parents...not just my mom.  If you were to see my dad there is no way you would take him for an amazing quilter, but he is.  It started as therapy.  He has had so many problems with his hands and had to go out of work on disability.  He could/can barely pick up more than a couple pounds without a struggle.  Going from a hands on, athletic guy to that was difficult to say the least.  One day my mom asked him for a favor.  She asked him to cut fabric for a quilt she was working on.  He used a rotary cutter instead of scissors of course and from then on it just kind of stuck.  He cut so much fabric she couldn't keep up!  He was tired of waiting for her so he taught himself to quilt...with her help and guidance of course!  He uses a rotary cutter and a quilting machine to help with his hands.  He doesn't do the hand stitching, my mom still does that, but everything else is his.  My parents make beautiful pieces from quilts to table runners, to bags, place mats...you name it!  Here is a link to our family Etsy store...Porter Handmade most of the stuff up there is xmas themed, but new items will be added shortly.  The two of them together are a perfect team...in quilting and in life.  They are amazing people, and even better parents and I am so lucky they are mine!

This year they will be married 38 years!  They don't look old enough for that do they?

 Fortunately for me they have been teaching me the craft for a bit now.  Before every time a friend would have a baby or get married I would ask them to make me a quilt.  That is no longer the case! I can now make them myself.  Here is one I made for my friends Lindsey and Cory who are expecting their first child on St. Patrick's Day!  They have made a lovely Irish themed nursery so I hope the quilt will go nicely with their theme.  I know the greens they picked are more pastel and soothing, but here is my Irish quilt made especially for Baby M who I can't wait to meet in March!

 I didn't use a pattern really..just the block method.  I usually wing things...I hate sticking to patterns or instructions.  Exactly why I can cook, but not bake.  I have no patience for things like that! 

 I used the quilting machine to give this some texture.  You can't really see it in the photos, but the white fabric also has white shamrocks.

 This is the back--I used a white flannel for the back. 

 I know its far from perfect, but I do hope that Baby M will enjoy it!


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I hope you all had a wonderful Thansgiving.  Ours was amazing!  My sisters and their men came down as well as my parents.  We had such a great time setting up and cooking dinner.  Our goal was to utilize as much as we had around the house to decorate with.  If we didn't have it in house (minus the table and chair rentals) we tried to come up with cheap creative solutions.  Hope you enjoy!

Here are the boys setting up the table
Hanging some lights
We used burlap coffee sacks for the table runners.  
We cut the burlap coffee sacks into long table runners.  We got these for $1.00 at our local coffee place-Bongo Java.

My talented and amazing sister made the place cards which we tied onto a white handkerchief with some twine.

Our small bites were put into plain brown paper bags.
We used our Chalk Board that I did in THIS post to display the menu
We dubbed our Thanksgiving-"NASHgiving"

 We would love to see other Thanksgiving feasts!  Feel free to email us pictures which we will post for you or link to your blog in the comments.