Late to the Christmas Party

Ok, so I'm late to the Christmas party, sue me!  As I mentioned here we welcomed the awesome PD so we're a little behind.  We did just take down our xmas decorations yesterday so technically this post is still me.  We all wanted to enjoy the xmas feeling just a little longer so I'm not going to apologize.

My parents came to visit for 2 weeks when PD was born.  Most of the time we just sat around and stared in awe at our newest addition, but we were able to be productive.  I've mentioned before that my parents are amazing quilters and I've been learning quilting and sewing in general from them.  I am no where near their abilities, but I'm definitely improving.  I haven't sewn through my finger in a while...true story..that did happen!  eek.  I solicited some guidance from them in order to make my tree skirt and stockings.  I looked around on Pinterest for some instructions on making a tree skirt, but I found it too hard to follow directions so I do what I am best at--I winged it.  I didn't measure or use a pattern for this tree skirt, so I really don't have any instructions to share, just the finished product.  Here she is.

I really wished I had trimmed that branch.  I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't.  I made the skirt out of a cream colored burlap and cream lace.  I stenciled on the C with some leftover graphite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I had on hand. 

I made a few stockings to match the living room colors of gray/yellow/white/black.  I used the same technique of tracing an old stocking (very technical) as I did in my Burlap Stockings post I did last year. 

I just love this fabric.  It's holiday-ish without being overly themed.  Once I cut the linen fabric using the dollar store stocking as a template I cut this fabric for the top cuff of the stocking.

I then stenciled the letters for our family on the front again using the Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Graphite.

Here is how they turned out.  I love them.

So there you go.  The holidays can officially be over in my book now that I got this post up...finally!

Burlap Stockings

If you read about my Thanksgiving Post then you know about the coffee bean sacks we used for table runners.  I love these and was trying to think of other uses for them, hence this post.  I decided to make stockings for our mantle out of them.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  They definitely got better as I kept making them.  It was really just trial and error since I didn't work from a pattern or anything.  Just an old stocking I think I picked up at Target maybe 10 years ago.

I started by tracing the old stockings onto the burlap and cutting them out

 Then I loosely traced the stocking onto brown felt to line the stockings.  Make sure they are a little larger than the burlap cut outs--trust me...just do it! 

You'll need to sew these inside out and backwards of course!
Just turn them back to right side out and you'll be set!

 Yes--that is a huge fish over my fireplace...I'll share his story another day. 

This project cost me nothing since I already had these materials on hand.  Can't beat free decor!  I'll also post more on the JOY letters later.  It's a simple and quick DIY I found on pinterest (Yes, I am obsessed with Pinterest!  Who isn't?) and it cost under $7.00!