Nashville Flea Market

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  The weather here in middle Tennessee was amazing!  We definitely got out to enjoy the weather.  On Sunday we met friends and went to the Nashville Flea Market.  It is every 4th weekend (except December when its the 3rd weekend) of the month.  It is a huge flea market and I usually have a few great finds here.  I didn't find any furniture this weekend, which was a disappointment.  Here is E ready to go--she is just too cute!

 Like I said, the Nashville Flea Market is huge! I wish I took more photos.  Next month! 

 I love these old soda crates.  I am thinking of planting flowers/veggies/something in them in my yard.

 I scored these awesome books from the 60's.  I must have 8 copies of Paradise Lost and 2 or 3 each of Keates and EBB, but I couldn't resist.  My book collection is still in Philadelphia.  Don't judge, but almost every time I go home I "visit" my books.  I love being surrounded by them.  One day I will move them down here.  It's a massive collection, and there is no way I can fit them and my family in the car, but maybe every time I visit I can bring one container back with me. 

 The hubs found this lamp.  I love it, but was being practical when he first saw it and was like "Where the heck will that go", but he convinced me we could find a place for it once I clean it up and fix a few parts and get a shade.  It didn't take much...she is quite the beauty don' t you think?  People were passing us and remarking on how cool of a lamp it was.  I am sure my hubs was smiling to himself because he found it and not me!

It's not much for a whole day worth of shopping, but maybe next month.

I hope you all enjoy your day.