Living Room Decorating (on a BUDGET!)

 I showed you what our living room looked like before we moved in in THIS POST.  I mentioned we lived in a historic home with TONS of wood!  Like tons of it...wood windows--CHECK, wood floors--CHECK, wood walls--CHECK, wood beams--CHECK.  And honestly...I love it.  Its too beautiful and historic to paint so we need to be creative in our decorating.  We are not there yet, but here is an IN PROGRESS pic..

She is the cutest, right??  Especially in her Dora PJ's!

We tried to lighten things up as much as we could.  Any parent will tell you that having light ANYTHING with kids is hard, so we are doing our best.

Here is the before one more time..

As indicated above, there is still many things to work on.  We are in the midst of building a TV stand out of an old Remington Typewriter crate.  I love it...just a couple more things and it will be ready to go.  The side tables are obviously there just to give our lights something to sit on.  They were never meant to be a part of this room and with the Provence Paint (Annie Sloan's) on them...they don't exactly match...

Apparently we have a things for ceramic animal heads.  The dear head is up and we have a moose head that still needs to be hung.  The papasan chair is also a filler--we purchased this to go in our daughters room, but for now its in the living room.  Eventually we will replace with the matching loveseat for our couch...but you never know with us.  We are always changing.

Here is a view looking the other I said..animals have a big part in our decor...just a coincidence I assure you.  My husband LOVES the fish above the mantel.  I always try to get rid of it, but now that its painted white (he first painted it silver) its growing on me.  We are in desperate need of replacing the ceiling fans in the entire house.  I hate ceiling fans, but the Tennessee weather screams for ceiling fans, so finding the right one that fits our taste and goes with the house will definitely be a challenge.  

The desk in the corner may also be repainted.  I blogged about that desk HERE.  I love it...I got it for only $25.00 and its awesome.  The CHAIR (my very first post...$2.50!!) will be repainted and recovered to fit in the space as well.

Before & Progress (not after...)

Here is a breakdown of our items and how we did this on a budget.  

Couch--WEST ELM - $699.00
Chair - PIER 1 - on sale for $169.00
Rug - RUGS USA on sale for $150
Curtains - TJ Maxx $19.99 each set so about $40.00 total
Lamps - Home Goods - $39.00 each
Tables - Goodwill & Flea Market (although they aren't staying) $10.00 and $15.00
Moose - Z Gallerie - $49.00
Deer - Z Gallerie - $49.00
Fish - On clearance at Pier 1 for $5.00--just painted with Rustoleum Sun Yellow
Soda crates - Flea Market - $10.00

This room (as with all our rooms) is a work in progress, so be kind on your critique!

How do you decorate on a budget?


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Our Living Room BEFORE we moved in!

Hi All,
Sorry for the short just happened!  We've been traveling for work and all kinds of craziness, but I do have lots of things to share.  Let's start with our Living Room.  We moved into our house a little over a year ago.  We LOVE it here.  I know I've said it before, but our house is wood...all wood!!  It's an historic house built in the 30's and we couldn't be happier here, but a house of all wood does present some challenges in the decorating area, but we love a challenge.

Here are a few pics of our Living Room right before we moved in...

A lot of wood, right?  Wood floors, wood walls, wood windows and a manly stone fireplace (which is amazing, just hard to make look pretty!).  This week I'll show you how we made this very masculine cabin into something that works for both me and my husband.  Here is a sneak peak of our couch and rug--

Our couch is from West Elm and we picked up our rug online at RUGS USA

We love how the room is coming together.  I can't wait to share our progress with you all!