Recovering an Ottoman

We've had this ottoman for about 5 years.  My lovely mother-in-law gave it to us as a gift when we moved into our house in Los Angeles.  It was a good find from Pier 1 and it has really served us well.  It's been used as a coffee table and most recently as storage for our sheets and blankets at the end of our bed.  It is the perfect coffee table especially if you have kids that are pulling up to stand.  Its soft enough to not hurt them if they fall and sturdy enough to hold a drink.

I love the zebra print, but it needed a face lift to fit in with our yellow and gray living room. I started by removing the top from the base and then took off the black mesh stuff (it has a technical name but I can't remember it at the moment!).

I then laid out the fabric and cut to size.

 Once its cut just start to staple all the way around.

Now its time to tuft!  This is the first time I attempted to do this and I can't wait to tuft again!  Next up is a tufted headboard for sure.  I used a tapestry needle and just some thick string I had on hand.

 Once you pull it through just staple tight on the back.


 Perfect storage for all of our blankets.  My parents made many of the blankets in this ottoman.

 I love how the ottoman both compliments and contrasts with the rug.

There are quite a few patterns going on in this room, but I really think they work well together.  Not every one's cup of tea, but we love it.

It's so easy and affordable to take a quality piece that you already own and update it to make it fit in a new space.  A new look and it only cost $19.95 for 2 yards of fabric! (50% off at Joann's!)