DIY Tile

I'm so excited to share a friends DIY kitchen tile job!  Tile is always so intimidating to me and Jen and Scott handled it like pro's!

The recently purchased their first home which was built in the 50's.  The kitchen came complete with indoor/outdoor carpet...eek!!  Jen said once Scott spilled a gallon of milk on the floor they knew it was time to budget for a floor remodel.  They set aside $600 and got to work!!

Here is a picture of the before..looks like quite the project!

First, they ripped up the old flooring and put down hardy backer board using a pre-mixed thin set mortar and screws.

 Here is the backer board in place..

 They decided to use an 18 x 18 inch porcelain tile.  Using the same pre-mixed thin set mortar they used for the backer board they set the tile. One of their biggest challenges was cutting the tile.  I give them a lot of credit for that...I think that i the part that intimidates me the most.

Jen's dad gave them a bit of advice in the above picture--"Cross your fingers" is right..the tile is definitely more delicate than it looks and you have to be very careful in cutting it.  Once the tile was down they waited a few days and then grouted and sealed it.  How awesome does it look??

 Here is a before and after of the floor!  Their kitchen is still a work in progress according to Jen & Scott, but I'd say this change is definitely a step in the right direction. 

Thank you so much, Jen & Scott for sharing your story.  You really can tackle projects like this on your own with the right tools, materials and some guidance.