Kitchen Renovation

I hope you all had a great weekend and the best part is its not over yet!  I wanted to share my sisters kitchen renovation with all of you.  You'll hear about my sisters a lot on this blog.  If you know them you know they are awesome.  If you don't know them...well now you know. 

I started the story of my sister's home renovation in the previous POST where I showed you the bedroom furniture I did for them.  I did nothing to help in the kitchen renovation.  Let me just clear that up.  It was all my sister, Kelly and her hubs, Patty (ok, his name is Pat, but I can't even write Pat let alone speak it.  I always call him Paat or you get it).  They did such an amazing job.  They purchased their home in the Philly suburbs in May of 2011.  Its an amazing house, but it needed sooo much done to it.  Good thing Patty is an amazing handy man and Kelly has a great sense of style.  The combo is fab!

The first thing they did was to tear out the kitchen.  The entire family helped with the demolition (minus me and my man...sad day, but we live in Tennessee so its hard to make it up for every thing, but we were certainly there in spirit)!  I think these pictures are best shown with the space before and then after so here we go.

The kitchen was originally broken into 2 spaces--the kitchen and a small breakfast nook.  They tore down the wall and opened up the entire space.

They took that cool light out and used it in the garage where Paat made an incredible man spot, whatever...its not exclusive to men, but that sounds better, huh? I'll share more on that later! 

 Amazing, right? 

 Look at awesome Patty..he rocks!

 They added double doors that will eventually lead to an awesome deck space. 

Check out that oven!!  I love the vintage look, but I don't think it compares to her new appliances. 


Here is the laundry room before.  Yes, you do need that much beer while demoing a kitchen!  We're Irish after all.

The general contractor on the job was Brian from G&V Construction:  He's a friend of all of ours, but also did an amazing job and Kel & Paat loved working with him.

Here are a list of additional suppliers:

Cabinets: A&C Cabinets, Chester, PA
Backsplash: Hope Depot
Tile floor: Mark Galdo Ceramic Tile and Flooring, Lansdowne PA 

Appliances: D&K Appliances, Newtown Square
Pretty incredible transformation, right?

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