Dining Table

I scored this round, solid wood dining table at an Estate Sale for $20.00.  I came into the sale just as they were closing for the weekend and they practically handed it to me.  The best part is the legs detach which is perfect for me since I only have a small SUV and not a pick up-which, by the way, I sooo want.  Leaving the furniture topic for a second...when I was young my dad had this huge, ugly green truck that I was sooo emabarrassed to ride in and I had to ride in it allll the time.  My dad worked during the day and my mom at night, so my dad shuffled my sisters and I to all our activities i.e. dancing school, soccer, softball, etc.  I was always so mortified pulling up in that hunk of junk and now I would LOVE to have it.

Anyway...like I said I scored this table at an estate sale for $20.00.  I painted it with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Paris Gray.  I then waxed it with the clear soft wax and gave it a light distress then waxed again.  I was thinking of keeping it for myself, but I think I need to sell it.

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