$2.50 chairs? Yes, please!!

I LOVE to frequent the Goodwill.  It's hit or miss.  Somedays there is absolutely nothing but junk and  somedays you score a find like these chairs!  When I found them they were in dire need of some love.  They didn't even have seats, but the details are amazing, and at $2.50 a piece how could I not buy them??  Look at the detail on the back or splat of the chair--love the music reference!

Here's a quick look at before...

$2.50 each!!
Love the detail!

I gave them both a quick sand and had to glue and tack a few of the parts to make it sturdy.  Then I hit it them with Rustoleum Black Satin spray paint and a spray polyurethane to protect them.  I made seats out of plywood (yes, I used a jigsaw and still have my extremities!) and attached foam and batting and covered them with fabric I picked up at Joann's a while back on clearance.  Total all in it's under $10.00 for each chair. 

So, what do you think?  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out especially considering how much the entire project cost.  I just picked up a table at the big Nashville flea market that will go perfect with this pair and make for a great set.  I'll keep you posted on that project as well.  The table was $5.00 and also in desperate need of some TLC...

xo, dani